Propolis Softgels

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Product Details

Propolis contains propolis, propolis is made of natural resin trees, as part of the defense system. Bees collect the resin, mix the beeswax and enzymes, and use it to protect the hive. Propolis contains a series of bioflavonoids, which are known for their antioxidant properties.


Active Ingredients:

Propolis softgels, capsules and tablets are the best way to use high-quality, high-quality propolis for internal use. The best natural defense and powerful natural antioxidants. Immune Support - The beneficial effects of strengthening and supporting the immune system.


Bees make propolis by collecting resin or juice from plants and combining it with enzymes. They use it to avoid infection. Therefore, propolis is considered the best defense. We mimic those clever bees that collect propolis from the hive and use it as a key ingredient in many of our immunosuppressive products.



Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions. 

Pregnant or Lactating Women: Consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

If you're interested in our propolis softgels, please rest assured to buy the quality and safe products from us. As a professional manufacturer in this field, we must be your best choice. Enjoy the best price and service with us now.
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