Collagen Effervescent Tablet

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Product Details

A daily dose of Collagen in effervescent orange and orange flavoured tablets. 

1.Content: Fish Collagen 500mg/tablet, 1000mg/tablet
2.Flavor: orange, lemon, raspberry, etc.
3.Weight: 4g/tablet
4.Packing: 10tablets/tube, 20tablets/tube

5.Dosage: One tablet, once daily, dissolved in a glass of water.


Rejuvenates your skin, revitalizes youth

Assist in adjusting breast contour

Help improve the numbers

Help beautify your hair and brighten your nails

Bright Eyes

Rresist Osteoporosis

Improve joint health

Improve human immunity

Help to improve the quality of sleep


Nutritional value



Collagen 500 mg

1250 %RDA

Citric Acid, Fish Collagen, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate), Bulking Agent (Sorbitol), Polyethylene Glycol, Maltodextrin, Sweeteners (Aspartame*,  Acesulfame K), Natural Orange Flavouring, Acacia Gum, Colour (Riboflavin), Lime Flavouring.


Recommended Dosage

Dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in 200ml water to make a refreshing flavor drink.


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