Application of glucosamine in curing population

- Jun 19, 2017 -

For special groups, experts suggest that glucosamine should be supplemented according to the situation. 1. Type of crowd: long-term work in the crowd shoulder periarthritis, common symptoms: Cervical spondylosis, expert tip: Because of long hours at work, the human cervical intervertebral disc (intervertebral disc is also articular cartilage) wear degeneration, the cervical spine of the abnormal physiological radian, vertebral body at the edge of bone hyperplasia, resulting in compression nerve or blood vessels, so there will be neck pain, stiffness and dizziness, vertigo and other phenomena. Expert advice: Long-term working people take glucosamine 30 days a year, gradually repair wear articular cartilage, add synovial fluid, improve the nerve or blood pressure caused by the pain of stiffness, effective prevention of osteoarthritis. 2. Type of crowd: High intensity workers, common illnesses: prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, cervical spondylosis, synovitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis and degenerative osteoarthritis of knee joint, expert Clew: Because of work reason long-term high-intensity work, normal articular cartilage with age of increase to appear breakage and so on phenomenon, some osteoarthritis of the same time occurrence. The initial symptom is lighter, as the age increases more and more heavy, may cause the deformity, should prevent early. Expert advice: High intensity workers take glucosamine for 30 days every six months, and gradually repair the worn articular cartilage, so that joints flexible, comfortable, flexible!

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