- Jun 19, 2017 -

α-glucosamine is a needle-like crystallization, melting point 88 Shan, Pokt 100 Sai (water), β-shaped crystals, melting point 110 Shan (decomposition), Pounter 28. 2-Amino-deoxy-D-glucose is a component of many antibiotics. Glucosamine, which is a synthetic substance in the human body, is an important nutrient for the formation of cartilage cells and a natural constituent of healthy articular cartilage. With the increase of age, the lack of glucosamine in the human body becomes more and more serious, articular cartilage degeneration and wear. A large number of medical studies in the United States, Europe and Japan have shown that glucosamine can help repair and maintain cartilage and stimulate the growth of chondrocytes.

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