Quantitative Regulation Of Proteomics By Structure

- Jun 19, 2017 -

The ultimate goal of proteomics is not just to classify proteins that are expressed in health and disease. The ultimate goal is to elucidate the organization and dynamics of the metabolic, signaling and regulatory networks on which cell life depends. In addition, Proteomics seeks to understand how these networks lose their function in disease and how to manipulate them through interventions such as drugs and gene manipulation. These are vague goals that require enhanced technology and new concepts before they can be fully realized, but the task of adjusting network mapping and cell state diagnostics is progressing. In microorganisms, Vanbogelen et [1] have identified proteome signals in special cell states, such as the use of secretory dysfunction and special phosphorus sources, and are currently trying to make a complete regulatory network in combination with genome and proteome methods.

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