Dietary Supplementary

  • Multi-vitamin Tablets
    Multi-vitamin Tablets

    This product contains daily vitamins and minerals, can fully satisfy the human body needs nutrients, the lack of the daily nutrients to keep physical strength, eliminate fatigue.A healthy person...

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  • MACA Tablet (Improve Energy, Enhance Immunity; Delay Menopause)
    MACA Tablet (Improve Energy, Enhance Immunity; Delay Meno...

    MACA Tablet (Improve energy, enhance immunity; Delay menopause) Product Description Maca is a radish-like vegetable, grown in Peru's Andes at a very high elevation of 7,000 - 11,000 feet. The...

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  • Spiral Seaweed Capsules
    Spiral Seaweed Capsules

    GMP certified workshop, manufacture of all kinds of capsules. Have already pass the ISO9001 quality system authentication and ISO22000 food safety management system certification.

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